Accommodations on the Trail

Where you’ll stay on the El Camino de Costa Rica
Where You’ll Stay

Cabins, Lodges, Homestays, Tents & More

We handpicked the most interesting, diverse, and comfortable mix of accommodations on the trail. This is the best way to experience the trail, hands down.

El Camino de Costa Rica Lodging

Eclectic stays that reflect the diversity of each region

Some nights we’ll camp. On other nights we’ll be welcomed into a family’s home and stay in small cabins on their property. We’ll do a night on the Pacuare River at a lodge. The accommodations are an intentional mix so you get the most out of the El Camino de Costa Rica. No matter what though, you’ll find the accommodations clean, comfortable and with welcoming hosts.

Accommodation FAQs

Common El Camino de Costa Rica lodging questions

There are several different room arrangements depending on the accommodation. Sometimes it’s a bunkhouse, with everyone together. Other times it’s a private tent (that’s set up for you) on a deck. For more standard rooms, hikers should expect double occupancy, so for example, solo hikers are paired with another solo for these rooms. If you have a preferred hiking companion to be assigned to, please email us in advance.

All accommodations have showers. Nearly all of them have power and some have wifi. Laundry is trickier but remember with our support vehicle you can bring plenty of clothing so even if laundry opportunities aren’t always available, you can have enough spare clothes to get you through to the next stop.