Side Excursions

Some of the best moments of the hike aren’t necessarily on the trail
Costa Rica Adventures

Off-Trail Moments

Included in your trip fare are numerous side excursions including rafting down the world famous Pacuare River, a chocolate tour, and more.

The best Rafting in Costa Rica

Pacuare River Rafting

National Geographic calls this one of the best rivers in the world and we agree. Tackle Class II, III, and IV whitewater, float through jaw-dropping canyons and keep your eyes peeled for sloths, macaws, and iguanas, to name a few. Because the Pacuare River is along the El Camino de Costa Rica, this day of rafting is part of the journey to the sea, so it’s not much of a side excursion but a main event!

Nortico Farm Cacao Tour

Cacao Farm Tour

Along the route is Nortico Farms, a cacao farm and chocolate company. We’ll spend the afternoon learning the process of growing and harvesting cacao and then at the end, even get to make our very own chocolate bars. Similar to our Pacuare river rafting excursion, this is also included in the trip fare.

Please note, in some instances, we may switch out the cacao farm tour for a coffee tour instead.

SSSShhhhh – the rest is a secret

Additional Events

With every trip, we plan additional events, excursions, and off-trail moments for the group. While these are scheduled out, we found it best to keep some of them off of the website, so you can be delighted when they occur. And if you really want to see what’s in store for your trek, email us and we’ll share a bit more.