El Camino Trekking Co.

Why Choose Us

We lead well-organized student adventure travel by local, experienced guides and educators.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose El Camino Trekking for your Coast to Coast Hike

  • Small groups, not large parties. We cap our trips at just 8 people plus a guide.
  • Our guides are more than just guides. They’re educators, role models, and by the end of your trip (likely sooner) your friends.
  • We focus on education. Our experienced, local guides know Costa Rica very well. Each day the students will learn about the culture, history, geography, and biodiversity of Costa Rica and how it applies to that days section of the trail.
  • We’re well-organized. Student travel and adventure tourism are nothing new to us. After 20+ years of operating in Costa Rica, we know that attention to detail and knowing the area well are key to a smooth operation. The El Camino de Costa Rica requires an enormous amount of coordination with lodging and area partners and we love putting the pieces together for our student groups.
  • We include off-trail moments. These are cultural experiences and iconic, breathtaking side excursions that you’ll only find in Costa Rica and only find included with our tour company.
  • Clean, comfortable, and diverse lodging. We chose our lodging partners carefully and have crafted a mix of lodging that will allow you to experience the most of Costa Rica. From homestays to river lodges and everything in between.

Four toucans in a tree. The El Camino is a bird watcher’s dream.